List Transhipper & Schedule

Schedule ship fish from Thailand to Koo Yang in MN, USA. 2019

Schedule shipment fish from Thailand to trans-shipper Mr.Koo Yang (BettaWorld) in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. 2019. He support forward delivery betta fish and other fish to buyer home in USA via usps and fedex overnight. If You are buyer interested betta fish online and can go to pick fish at his shop You can order fish from sellers support shipment fish to him and go to pick up from his shop also. About cost fee or any question ask him with self please.

Information trans-shipper

Koo Yang
1047 Arcade St.,
Saint Paul, MN 55106
Phone : 651 442 4570
Email :
 Koo Yang

Schedule shipment fish from Thailand 2019

January 12th  — arrive January 14th
January 26th  — arrive January 28th
February 9th — arrive February 11th
February 23th — arrive February 25th
March 9th — arrive March 11th
March 23th — arrive March 25th
April 6th — arrive April 8th
April 20th — arrive April 22th
May 4th — arrive May 6th
May 18th — arrive May 20th
June 1st — arrive June 3rd
June 15th — arrive June 17th
June 29th — arrive July 1st
July 13th — arrive July 15th
July 27th — arrive July 29th
August 10th — arrive August 12th
August 24th — arrive August 26th
September 7th — arrive September 9th
September 21th — arrive September 23th
October 5th — arrive October 7th
October 19th — arrive October 21th
November 2nd — arrive November 4th
November 16th — arrive November 18th
November 30th — arrive December 2nd
December 14th — arrive December 16th
December 28th — arrive December 30th

This is primary schedule shipment fish from Thailand 2019 to Mr.Koo Yang in MN, USA. But for make sure about import date. Please contact and ask him again When You interested buy betta fish online or other fish from overseas seller.

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