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History Of Crowntail Betta

According to a story told by Mr. Joty  Atmadjaja , the Crowntail Betta fish is a type of fighting fish originated from the breeding of an Indonesian enthusiast named  Mr. Achmad  Yusuf. He used Combtail Betta fish which have many thorns stuck out from the tails. He carefully selected each fish and improved the thorns to be longer until formed the Crowntail Betta fish.


After the success, the Crowntail Betta fish was brought to the world for the first time by  Mr. Henry  Yin in 1898  at the  International  Betta  Club (IBC), USA. The Crowntail of Mr.Yin won the competition and became worldwide famous


Two year later, the Crowntail Betta fish became extremely famous that its price rose up to $800. The beauty of the Crowntail Betta truly attracts many Betta fish lovers. The breeding of this specie is widespread. Nowadays, the price becomes reasonable.


The key characteristic of this specie is its tailfins which look like thorns. The length of the thorns and the separation of the fins are vary.


The Crowntail Betta fish are also divided into sub species as SR (SingleRay), DR (Double Ray), TR (Triple Ray), DDR (Double Double Ray), CR (CrossRay) and RR (Random Ray). The perfect Crowntail Betta fish need to have complete tailfins. The thorns have to be symmetrically formed. The tails have to be stuck out of the body not less than 33-50% of the total are of the fins (1/3 to 1/2). If the length is less, they will be called  Combtail Betta fish which are inferior.** In fact, each fins reduces its size. **


Credit pic : Andi Holidi

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