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Diseases of betta fish and how to treat

Diseases fish tremble

Cause no sure because water very dirty or because toxins in water. Example too much chlorine.

How to treat
Change water suitable for growing fish.


Diseases parasite ( Flukes and Lerneosis or Anchor worms )

Often found along the gums fish and fin look like short yarn. Lerneosis look like short yarn bite the body. They affect fish infectious and die.

How to treat
1. Potassium Permanganate melt with water 2 ppm. / water 1 Liter
2. Acetic acid Intense 1 : 500 put fish 20 Second and do again after 3 days
3. Formalin 20 drip / water 4.5 Liter put fish 5-10 minute.

Diseases color pale

Because protozoa adhere. Fish will scavenge slime of the body than usual.

How to treat
1. Methylene blue 5 drip / water 4.5 Liter 1-2 day
2. Antibiotics 50 milligram / water 4.5 Liter
3. Malachite Green with solution medicine 1-2 cc / water 1 Liter. Put fish 3 days chang water.


Diseases stomach wind

Fish will loss of balance. Fish loss of balance may be belly supine rise on water or subside.

How to treat
None ( Only Die )

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