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Breeding Betta Fish (equipment breeding betta fish)

Basic equipment needed for breeding betta fish is a tin or a plastic bucket. This is case of limited space. First of all, make sure you have a suitable area to put fish tank or aquarium where the sunlight can get through. Betta fish tank or aquarium should be 120-150 cm in diameter.

It’s better to ground the bottom of the tank with soil or clay. Which will help nourish the water and adjust water temperature. The water height should not be over 30 cm and must be filled in the tank 2-3 days before placing the fry. Pour water into the tin or the plastic bucket for 20 cm in height. Make sure the water height is not too high or too low. If the water is too high for breeding betta fish, the male fish will be exhausted from collecting the eggs to put them in his nest.

This will result in a small quantity of eggs because the male is too tired to completely fertilize the eggs from the female. And if the water is too low in the tin or plastic bucket, the obtained eggs are not also many because the eggs might fall to the bottom before the male can catch them. And the female might eat up the eggs on the bottom.

Another fact is after the male fertilizing the eggs from the female, he will protect the nest and the eggs. The male will guard the nest and make sure the female can not come any closer. When the female approaches the nest, the male will chase after her. Sometimes the two hit the nest and the eggs fall down. The best solution is to put proper quantity of water in the tin. You can also put some plants in the tank to avoid frightening the fish. The plants can also be useful for the male to hide his nest under them. When your equipment is set up, make sure your male and female fish are ready for breeding then you can mate them and start the breeding process.

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