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Betta fish colors and pattern color of betta fish

Current betta fish have many color many pattern but really the color can be divided into only 4 forms.

Single color betta fish (solid color betta fish)

Example single color betta fish

Bi color betta fish

Example bi color betta fish

Multi color betta fish

Example multi color betta fish

Credit pic : Mas Bro Betta

Really bi color betta fish and multi color betta fish have many pattern name for easy to remember and easy for seller and buyer deal business.

Koi Betta is multi color betta fish. They have many color and look like koi fish.

Butterfly Betta is betta fish tail and fin are white look oval white or circle white around body of fish. The most fish have bi color and some have multi color.

Credit pic : Betta Ibc Huang


Marble betta is betta fish have point color spread on body and fin. This betta fish have jumping gene pattern. They can change pattern when older.

Credit pic : Andi Holidi


Mustard betta is bi color betta fish. Body color blue or green or gray. Fin and tail color yellow or orange. Some fish pattern may look like butterfly betta.

Credit pic : Saimai Betta Thailand

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