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Benefits Of Indian Almond Leaves For Betta and How to pick leaves.

Benefits Of Indian Almond Leaves For Betta
  •  A lot of Tannin for antibacterial and anti fungal properties.
  • A lot of Tannin help treat wound of bettas.
  • Help to protect bettas from bacterial infections and parasite.
  • Help reduce stress of bettas.
  • Help to adjust PH of water.
  • Help to quicken colored bettas look better and beautiful.
  • Help to skin of bettas thicker look better and beautiful.


How to pick Indian Almond Leaves
Pick Indian Almond Leaves fall from tree and already dry. Leaves may red , yellow or brown all leaves can use.

Warning : Don’t pull Indian Almond Leaves from tree because green leaves is poison for bettas


How to use
Clean with water, Make sure dry with sunshine again 1-2 days. Clean with water again and put in aquarium bettas.

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