Multicolor Halfmoon Betta For Sale

by Zagafarm
Published: June 20, 2023 (1 year ago)
Surabaya, Indonesia

Breeder and seller halfmoon betta since 2011. Got award from JBG Transhipping services as 1st top seller with the greatest number of customer transaction in 2019. Breeder halfmoon betta, doubletail halfmoon, halfmoon plakat, Plakat betta, doubletail plakat, crowntail betta and giant betta. Retail and wholesale betta fish.

Multicolor Halfmoon Betta For Sale

Gender : Male

Whatapp and Mobile : +6281295688809

Accept payment
Western union, Paypal

Shipping : All country who available transhipper (Example : USA, Canada Europe, Mexico, Hongkong, Korea, India, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Africa)

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