How To Breeding Betta Fish

Step breeding betta fish

How to breed betta fish

Many breeding methods of betta fish. The first step very important for breeding betta fish is choose perfect male and female betta fish for breeding.

Male Betta Fish : Choose the male looks strong, active and not sick. Age 4-6 months or more. Observe the male like to make bubble nest very regular. That’s show male betta fish ready to breed.

Female Betta Fish : Choose the female looks strong, active and not sick. Age 4-6 months or more. Stomach area looks swollen and see white color below (The white color is egg). That’s means the female betta fish ready to breed.

PS. Really, female betta fish 3 months can breed. But natural of betta fish age 3 months the size of betta fish still small and eggs in stomach is less (100-300 eggs only). But female, age 4-6 months or more the size is bigger may have eggs 500-1,000 in the stomach and can make baby betta fish stronger than.

Weather for breed betta fish
Betta fish is tropical fish. You can breed every weather. Natural of betta fish will be breed in early rainy weather. Winter not good for breeding, It’s hard to breeding. You can breeding also but will be getting less baby betta fish.

How To Breed Betta Fish
Below is step to breeding betta fish. Explain how to breeding with different container for breeding betta fish. You can learn and choose how to breed betta fish you think appropriate to you